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internship cancellationLast post 18 Sep 08, 23:31
This is an email concerning an internship. Unfortunately I have to call this internship off,…5 Replies
internship cancellation emailLast post 25 Sep 08, 21:19
Hello everyone ! Just a short email excuse to a company regarding an internship cancellatio…2 Replies
Aufgebotsverfahren - Cancellation proceedingsLast post 02 Jun 10, 11:58
Aufgebotsverfahren nach §10 Abs 1 Satz 1 Nr 7 Entschädigungsgesetz - EnschG in Verbindung mi…1 Replies
Kündigungsregelung - cancellation ruleLast post 21 Aug 08, 13:11
Werden gesetztliche Kündigungsregelungen übernommen? Will legal cancellation ... be adopted?0 Replies
notice of cancellation "as at" 31/12 - Kündigung zum 31.12.Last post 05 Mar 05, 22:00
Ist es wirklich richtig "zum 31.12." mit "as at 31/12" zu übersetzen. Das heißt der folgende…4 Replies
cancellation claimLast post 17 Aug 07, 10:31
In order for your Trip Cancellation claim to be dealt with promptly, please ensure this sect…2 Replies
Cancellation PolicyLast post 23 Aug 07, 02:12
. Es geht um ein Hotel Cancellation policy Cancellation policy for Individual bookings St…2 Replies
flight cancellationLast post 24 Dec 07, 16:53
Hundreds of passengers could be stranded in hotels over Christmas because of flight cancella…1 Replies
pre cancellationLast post 08 Jun 07, 10:30
Conditions for pre cancellation of location... Konditionen für eine vorzeitige Kündigung des…0 Replies
cancellation phenomenonLast post 25 Apr 07, 11:27
These interactions can advantageously result in a cancellation phenomenon that reduces the t…2 Replies