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go-cart - Gokart, derLast post 21 Mar 08, 21:49
1450 Google-hits für "der Gokart" vs. 3530 Google-hits für "das Gokart". Ist das aussagekräf…13 Replies
dust-cart, also: dust cart (Brit.) - MüllwagenLast post 10 Jul 19, 14:37
dustcart (ˈdʌstˌkɑːt) n 1. (Automotive Engineering) a road vehicle for collecting domestic refu3 Replies
crash cart - ReanimationswagenLast post 09 Mar 21, 10:04
Ein Rollwagen mit medizinischem Equipment, welches bei der Herz-Lungen Wiederbelebung benöti…2 Replies
cart horse - das KaltblutLast post 24 Jul 18, 20:00 should have draft horse, and both cart horse/…7 Replies
ox-cart - OchsenkarrenLast post 22 May 07, 02:48
This is a model of a Red River Ox Cart. Mr. J. Massey carved it out of wood. Some pioneers w…4 Replies
cart load - der FuderLast post 24 Apr 10, 10:42 cartload / noun 1 the amount of sth that f4 Replies
cartLast post 07 Aug 13, 11:48
The lubrication points consist of rail-guided carts in all axes. Carts of the type KUVE 15B…2 Replies
to cart - karrenLast post 21 Jul 11, 17:27
Not only would a green burial avoid rare tropical hardwoods being felled and carted halfway …1 Replies
hayrack - HeuraufeLast post 21 Jan 06, 21:31
The dictionary entry lists under hayrack: 1. A rack from which livestock feed [=(Heu)raufe] …0 Replies
to put the cart before the horse - das Pferd beim Schwanz aufzäumenLast post 24 Nov 11, 17:53
"to put the cart before the horse" würde ich so nicht unbedingt verstehen, wie es in LEO vor…23 Replies

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