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cashier - entlassenLast post 26 Aug 13, 19:08
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cashier, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ca…1 Replies
Cashier in supermarketLast post 19 Oct 17, 13:27
Hello, I'm a cashier in a supermarket and I'm interested in being able to speak German with …129 Replies
kassierer - cashierLast post 11 Sep 08, 23:20
...arbeitete sie als Kassierin im Einrichtungshaus Ikea... cashier wird doch er für den Bank…2 Replies
petty cashierLast post 20 Jul 17, 17:52
The person in an office who is in charge of a small amount of money kept for buying sma4 Replies
cashier's lineLast post 31 Dec 12, 14:12
It is hard not to notice how customers move around with their shopping carts in search of th…2 Replies
cashier's allowancesLast post 29 Sep 10, 16:10
The wage used as a basis for calculation severance pay shall not include (...) cashier's all…1 Replies
Tankstellenkassierer - filling station cashierLast post 22 Jul 14, 21:06
Jobs und Stellenangebote für Tankstellenkassierer -5 Replies
cashier line - Warteschlange vor einer KasseLast post 31 Dec 12, 08:59
The existence of several cashier lines in big stores like Wal-Mart, for example, makes waiti…1 Replies
cashier of the governmentLast post 17 Sep 08, 12:47
Indirect access may result if the central bank is cashier of the government. Wie übersetzt …1 Replies
The cashier’s chorus has long fallen on deaf ears AMONG THE SUSTAINABILITY SET hereLast post 15 Apr 08, 20:34
The cashier’s chorus has long fallen on deaf ears AMONG THE SUSTAINABILITY SET here. Ja ich w12 Replies