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Orthographically similar words

Bell, bell, CALL, call, Call, ceil, cella, cello, Celt, celt, cill, cull, dell, ell, fell, Hell, hell, jell, mell, pell, sell, tell, Tell, vell, well, Well, yell Call, Cella, Cello, Elle, Fell, gell, hell, Tell

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cuvette, handphone, battery, cellphone

Forum discussions containing the search term

triaxial cell - TriaxialgerätLast post 16 Dec 16, 12:07
Niemand sagt zu einer Triaxialzelle Triaxialgerät!2 Replies
Helper Cell - helferzelleLast post 13 Jun 05, 19:04
the proposed translation "helper-cell" is missing the T.... more common usage methinks. OR C…2 Replies
cell phone \t - zellulares TelefonLast post 07 Oct 09, 10:53
Eine Google-Suche ergibt für "zellulares Telefon" vor allem Treffer mit Maschinen-Übersetzun…10 Replies
cell phone etiquetteLast post 11 Dec 08, 21:49
How do people answer cell phones nowadays? Has phone etiquette changed now that caller ID i…40 Replies
silicon cell - die Silikonzelle fachspr.: Siliconzelle Pl.: die SilikonzellenLast post 12 Feb 14, 12:23
MW unabr. 1989: silicon: a nometallic element ... symbol Si Römpp Chemie Lexikon 9. ed. sil…3 Replies
photovoltaic cell - das Fotoelement auch: PhotoelementLast post 03 Aug 09, 14:03
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&0 Replies
Cell phone use elsewhereLast post 05 Jan 08, 09:43
Here is a little Christmas reading. Happy Holidays everyone!! Since I haven’t been to Europe 41 Replies
International cell phone useLast post 01 Sep 11, 09:19
In preparation for a trip to Germany and Spain, I just bought a cell phone that will work in…22 Replies
cell link - ZellbezugLast post 25 Feb 09, 16:21
One important aspect of Excel is the possibility to create cell links. Eine wichtige Eigens…2 Replies
cellmate - der ZellennachbarLast post 28 Sep 13, 22:20
cell·mate (slmt) n. A person with whom one shares a cell, especially in a prison. The Amer…1 Replies