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camber, chamfer, charmer, clamber Schaber

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breast, spring, squib, room, bay, camera

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Pronounciation: "Chamber" - "Chamber"Last post 08 May 06, 15:19
Hallo! Ich bin gänzlich verwirrt. Ich bin der Meinung man spricht "chamber" wie "tschember"…9 Replies
firing chamber - stacking chamber - stacking chamberLast post 08 Feb 16, 15:04
context: kiln found in an archaeological excavation I am looking for the correct English wor…2 Replies
suction chamber - discharge chamberLast post 19 Oct 06, 23:43
parts of the compressor tja immernoch der tolle Kompressor. da ich im internet keine venünft…1 Replies
climate chamber, climatic chamber, climatic test chamber - Klimakammer, KlimaschrankLast post 19 Apr 11, 13:42…0 Replies
echo chamberLast post 08 Jul 11, 12:00
Try not to get caught up in the echo chamber.5 Replies
Privy ChamberLast post 02 Jan 09, 14:58
...Thomas Culpeper, who wass a gentleman of the king's Privy Chamber....4 Replies
chamber slideLast post 17 Sep 08, 15:58
8 chamber slide I'm surching for a german translation for a "8 chamber slide", that I used …4 Replies
drip chamberLast post 29 Mar 07, 16:22
A drip chamber for use in the intravenous administration of liquids formed of a generally ve…3 Replies
flotation chamberLast post 07 Sep 06, 22:37
Amenities include a spa and a flotation chamber? Was soll das sein?3 Replies
to chamberLast post 13 Nov 20, 14:20
Chamber the Cartridge Name of a song...what's the exact meaning of that?2 Replies

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