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escape character - FluchtsymbolLast post 02 Sep 08, 12:46
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maskierungszeichen http://lists.debian.org/debian-user-de/2001/…1 Replies
character --- also [bot.] - das MerkmalLast post 28 Dec 11, 03:04
The most distinctive character of their larvae is a series of short, L-shaped slashes of blac2 Replies
non-printing control character - nichtdruckendes SteuerzeichenLast post 18 Dec 04, 13:18
Ein Zeichen das nicht drucken kann? ;)14 Replies
pipe - character |Last post 13 May 08, 13:37
|; pipe is used by programmers to combine two stings in example sign at german keyboards but…2 Replies
0/oo character?Last post 17 Jun 12, 09:46
My iPhone has a variant on the percent (%) sign that looks about like this: o/oo. In other …4 Replies
character repertoire - ZeichenvorratLast post 29 Jun 07, 12:46
-1 Replies
a character in filmLast post 19 Oct 08, 14:44
How can you say "sich in eine Rolle hineinversetzen" meaning studying and tuning in the char…17 Replies
to be all characterLast post 01 Aug 13, 18:34
This guy is all character, you know. Ich habe diese Redewendung jetzt gerade zum zweiten M4 Replies
central character - Hauptfigur, ProtagonistLast post 29 Jun 05, 22:46
http://www.tameri.com/write/characters.html http://www.tameri.com/write/characters.html "O…0 Replies
distinctive character, distinctiveness - UnterscheidungskraftLast post 17 Aug 05, 13:34
http://oami.eu.int/en/mark/aspects/reg/reg4094.htm#0070 vs. http://oami.eu.int/de/mark/aspec…2 Replies