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charge Charge

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levy, fee, due, toll, royalty, expenses, charge, hand-over, tax

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difference: bank charges, banking charges?Last post 14 Dec 10, 10:27
Hi! Is there any difference between "bank charges" and "banking charges"? Thx3 Replies
land charges - GrundschuldenLast post 26 Feb 07, 11:09
http://www.cancom.de/ressourcen/CC/2005_cc_jahresabschluss.pdf0 Replies
network charges - NetzentgelteLast post 04 Apr 08, 18:08
English Examples: Network charges have fallen in real terms substantially since privatisatio1 Replies
to prefer chargesLast post 10 Dec 12, 17:52
Aus der kenianischen Nation ( http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Police-nab-300-after-Eastleigh-bl…8 Replies
criminal charges of racism in UKLast post 25 Dec 11, 20:36
A British football player is facing criminal charges for allegedly making a racist insult. h…25 Replies
prior carriage charges - VorfrachtLast post 24 Feb 06, 10:31
Vorfracht = Kosten, die für den Transfer vom Großlieferanten zum Händler entstehen. (http://…1 Replies
track access charges - TrassenpreissystemLast post 23 Nov 09, 18:47
http://ec.europa.eu/transport/rail/rb/doc/report-track-access-charges-tf.pdf http://www.etcp…2 Replies
Bank charges for transfer GB to DELast post 06 Oct 08, 15:37
I've transferred money from my German account to British bank accounts free of charge on a n…17 Replies
Will roaming charges stop Scotland becoming independent? Last post 01 Jul 13, 14:22
Something priceless (IMO) from the Telegraph again :-) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance…8 Replies
chargesLast post 09 Jul 08, 19:34
In September 1944 he defected with about 20 of his charges to the American lines "Anvertrau…3 Replies