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chemistryLast post 04 Feb 08, 22:17
Is the following sentence correct? sth can change the chemistry between people... it sound…4 Replies
chemistryLast post 26 Feb 04, 20:11
....Rändelrad befindet sich oberhalb der Glasspritze.... any ideas how to translate Glasspr…1 Replies
Chemistry laboratory assistent - ChemielaborantLast post 17 Jul 13, 17:15
Chemielaborant wird manchmal als "Chemistry laboratory assistant" und manchmal als "Chemist…1 Replies
More medicinal chemistryLast post 11 Jul 05, 16:47
Hallo Ihr Lieben, nachdem ich letzte Woche die Frage von meinem Chef so schön beantworten k…7 Replies
chemical education <> chemistryLast post 11 Aug 05, 15:19
Hallo, kann man anstatt von chemistry auch chemical education sagen, betrifft hauptsächlich …1 Replies
PhD in chemistry??Last post 20 Jun 07, 03:21
I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist but don't dare correct this as I am German while the pers…26 Replies
chemistryLast post 16 Apr 10, 10:25
Thus, there are important differences from the structural point of view which are decisive f…13 Replies
chemistryLast post 10 Dec 09, 16:23
Radiotracers are prepared on automated radiosnythesis apparatuses using radiofluorination ch…5 Replies
Grammar : "of" in ChemistryLast post 03 Sep 08, 08:15
200 microLiter of lysis solution, 200 microL of glass beads and 200 microL chloroform were a…21 Replies
physical chemistry - Physikalische ChemieLast post 09 Apr 08, 14:25
http://www.phys-chemie.uni-wuerzburg.de/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_chemistry htt…1 Replies