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'cause, cause, causer, causey, claque, Claus, clavus Claque, Clavus, Flause, Klause, lausen, Lauser

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section, article, provision, paragraph

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clause by clauseLast post 24 Jul 07, 17:00
The proposal is based on and limited to all referenced sections / clauses of the specificati…7 Replies
clauseLast post 07 Oct 07, 11:01
The term clause is used when there are two or more clauses inside a complex sentence. Hallo…2 Replies
clause-by-clause commentsLast post 05 Apr 07, 15:22
Kennt jemand diese Redewendung? Absatz für Absatz Kommentare? Das klingt aber nicht so gut.2 Replies
Satzstellung: relative clause- main clauseLast post 24 Jan 11, 11:01
The singer my father was talking about Sarah didn't know. Ich finde, diese Satzstellung ist…3 Replies
when clause - main clause - tensesLast post 05 Dec 09, 15:31
A young boy (15) might say (1) I feel too young for a year abroad now. But as soon as I am…2 Replies
If-Clause...Last post 07 Nov 05, 13:00
Liebe Leos, ich hab die Anfrage am Wochenende schon mal versucht zu posten, aber sie ist irg…14 Replies
if clauseLast post 30 May 07, 22:44
Hello. A native English speaking friend of mine tolled me to use "If it would be of any hel…30 Replies
relative clauseLast post 30 Aug 06, 10:06
Good morning, I must replace the participle by a relative clause: Pessimists foresee masses…2 Replies
if-clauseLast post 07 Nov 08, 13:02
I am just revising the if-clauses and I have a problem with one of them. It reads I wouldn'…5 Replies
if-clauseLast post 16 Oct 10, 15:23
Ich möchte folgendes auszudrücken,mir geht`s dabei um die richtige Konstruktion des Bedingun…2 Replies

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