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    clean (Verb) 

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Reinigungsöffnung - cleaning lid, cleaning apertureLast post 25 Aug 07, 12:18
gesucht wird der Begriff "Reinigungsöffnung" an einer größeren Maschine, der Ausgangstext gi…2 Replies
Putztuch - cleaning cloth / cleaning ragLast post 19 Feb 09, 12:08
Hey all you putzige Putzpeople *grins* LEO has a wrong entry for Putztuch... Putztuch is t…3 Replies
faith-cleaningLast post 15 Nov 06, 14:17
To me, [they] qualify as really off the grid. They power the farm with solar panels, plant a…12 Replies
light cleaningLast post 22 Aug 07, 11:16
"It seems that [Schrubberstiel XY] does not fulfil the requirements to light cleaning in the…3 Replies
cleaning upLast post 11 Jul 07, 13:09
Duties include washing underwear and jockstraps, cleaning muddy shoes, ... constantly hangin…3 Replies
cleaning brigadeLast post 18 May 11, 20:30
"I do not know... how a chambermaid could enter on her own the room of one of the most watch…2 Replies
Reinigungsstäbchen - cleaning swabs oder cleaning sticks?Last post 12 Sep 12, 09:12
spezielle Reinigungsstäbchen mit Schaumstoffspitze "sticks" oder "swabs" - das ist hier die …5 Replies
cleaning roster - PutzplanLast post 26 May 07, 09:07
Quelle: Leo (eure Seite), fehlt nur erlaeuterung fuer "cleaning" roster. 'I am the next on …1 Replies
final cleaning - EndreinigungLast post 17 Dec 12, 14:16
Endreinigung3 Replies
"Cleaning woman!!!" / "Reinemachefrau!!!"Last post 10 Apr 07, 12:46
2nd Season NULLDEFIZIT Zero Deficit (c) Austrian government 300 Replies

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