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clearance - die ClearanceLast post 06 Jan 08, 22:40
1) clearance: das od. die; - : (Med.) Reinigung einer bestimmten Blutplasmamenge von in ihr…4 Replies
outside bucket corner clearance circle - WendekreisLast post 02 Mar 15, 12:41
I don't think this string of words is ever used as such, mainly it's something like : "Loade…8 Replies
clearance building - AbfertigungsgebäudeLast post 07 Feb 16, 13:23
1 Replies
clearance factor - DurchlässigkeitLast post 06 Oct 10, 10:05
Bei der Ausrechnung solarer Einstrahlung gibt es eine Durchlässigkeit, die im englischen als…0 Replies
track clearance - SpurspielLast post 20 Aug 08, 22:35
UIC 518: The requirements in terms of wheel/rail contact conditions shall be met as well as …1 Replies
clearance, running clearance, fitted running clearanceLast post 24 Feb 10, 23:13
"Clearance for bearings" "The recommended fitted running clearances for rudders after fitti…0 Replies
clearanceLast post 15 Jan 09, 10:30
custom formalities or clearance. Hallo, suche die Bedeutung von "clearance" in diesem Zusam…9 Replies
ClearanceLast post 05 Apr 07, 16:43
=(looseness or interference) space width of the internal gear minus the tooth thickness of t…2 Replies
clearanceLast post 30 Nov 06, 19:13
Today's situation was better on the export clearance side while there was no improvement in …6 Replies
clearanceLast post 09 May 16, 08:35
that leap between shaking cars set my stomach plummeting every time, no matter how much clea…4 Replies