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calif, chiff, cliffy, clift Kliff

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rock, escarpment, crag

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cliff dwellings - die KlippenwohnungenLast post 02 Oct 12, 02:00
Noun 1. cliff dwelling - a rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of…5 Replies
fiscal cliff - FiskalklippeLast post 15 Jan 13, 10:09
US-Fiskalklippe http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/us-fiskalklippe-obama-ergreift-initiative…1 Replies
Meeresklippe - sea cliffLast post 28 Sep 14, 12:31
Japan und China streiten um unbewohnte Meeresklippen -0 Replies
Fiskalklippe - fiscal cliffLast post 08 Nov 12, 20:23
Die US-Wahlen werden einen entscheidenden Einfluss auf die Höhe der Fiskalklippe zum Jahrese…1 Replies
cliff face - KlippenwandLast post 12 Jun 12, 18:57
The man was stuck for three hours as emergency services tried to rescue him from the cliff f…3 Replies
fiscal cliff / Mayan calendar - "Fiscal Cliff" / mayanischen WeltuntergangLast post 23 Dec 12, 09:44
I'm trying to decide whether the fiscal cliff or the Mayan calendar is my way out of this li…11 Replies
«Fiscal cliff» Unwort des JahresLast post 02 Jan 13, 02:54
"...ist in den USA zum Unwort des Jahres 2012 gekürt worden." http://www.nzz.ch/aktuell/wir…2 Replies
carbonate cliffLast post 12 Jun 07, 14:35
A system of beaches, bordered by carbonate cliffs, some deposited in the past by the river a…2 Replies
cliff notesLast post 03 Sep 08, 18:45
"cliffs", derived from "cliff notes"3 Replies
unconsolidated cliffLast post 25 Apr 06, 09:50
www.bsc-eoc.org/download/ BC Beach Description form 2003.pdf Archaeological sites situated o…2 Replies

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