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inclement climate?Last post 18 Jul 17, 19:39
I am currently doing intense studies on collocations, and I get 'inclement weather' as an ex…19 Replies
climate adaptation - KlimaanpassungLast post 05 Apr 11, 10:52
URL: www.linguee.de/deutsch-englisch/search?sourceoverride=none&source=auto&query=Klimaanpas0 Replies
projected climate changeLast post 30 Jul 08, 16:59
Historical and projected interactions between climate change and insect voltinism in a multi…3 Replies
seasonal climate - JahreszeitenklimaLast post 19 Jan 06, 19:55
http://www.grida.no/climate/ipcc/regional/327.htm (United Nations Environment Program; Glos…0 Replies
diurnal climate - TageszeitenklimaLast post 19 Jan 06, 19:57
http://www.grida.no/climate/ipcc/regional/327.htm (United Nations Environment Program - Glo…0 Replies
entrepreneurial climate - GründungsklimaLast post 05 Dec 07, 05:14
State-Level Determinants of Entrepreneurship and a Preliminary Measure of Entrepreneurial Cl…1 Replies
climate-neutral (auch: climate neutral) [POL.] [UMWELT] - klimaneutralLast post 22 May 08, 21:19
Deutsch:klimaneutral:https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/klimaneutralklimaneutralWortart: A…1 Replies
klimafreundlich, klimafreundlicher, am klimafreundlichsten - climate friendly, climate friendlier / more climate friendly?Last post 11 Sep 19, 14:18
Vegetarian food is more climate friendly than meat. Make your lifestyle climate friendlier! …1 Replies
ambient data - die Klimadaten PlLast post 16 Dec 11, 16:00
Ambient data ist zunächst was anderes, zB. Umweltdaten, und scheint auch was forensisches zu…8 Replies
damp alternative atmosphere - das FeuchtwechselklimaLast post 09 May 05, 13:17
Den Begriff 'damp alternative atmosphere' scheint es nur in Wörterbüchern zu geben, ich habe…0 Replies