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blot, Celt, celt, clit, clod, clog, clop, cloth, clou, clout, cloy, coat, Colt, colt, coot, Copt, cost, cot, Cote, cote, cult, loft, loot, lost, lot, loth, lots, lout, plot, Scot, slot Blot, Clog, Clon, Clou, Colt, Loft, Lot, Plot, Slot

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coagulate, thrombus, lump, congeal, coagulum, curdle

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clot-busting systemLast post 27 May 07, 23:16
Bacteria can use our own clot-busting system to spread around the body, according to US rese…7 Replies
blood-clot (med.) - das GerinnselLast post 14 Jan 13, 16:35
“Food and Drug Administration advisers, in a recent vote, said the benefits of four popular …9 Replies
protein absorbance; bubble/clot effectsLast post 13 Feb 09, 13:34
3 low carbon stainless steel needles provide flexibility & high throughput with reduced prot…6 Replies
develop a blood clot/ blood thinnerLast post 15 Apr 13, 15:17
The doctor took him off the blood thinner and he developed a blood clot stretching from his …3 Replies
the clot is ejected by the heart...Last post 11 Feb 08, 08:57
Atrial fibrillation promotes the formation of blood clots in the heart’s atrium, which may res4 Replies
to bust the clot in her lineLast post 06 Jan 08, 11:21
to bust the clot in her line3 Replies
nuclear extrusion, cell movement, clot retraction, antitumor activityLast post 04 Jan 13, 12:18
Major biological effects include inhibition of the division of cytoplasm, reversible inhibit…2 Replies
his heart is beating at 135 and he has got a blood clot in his lung Last post 11 Jun 10, 10:10
Wer kann diesem medizinischen Befund korrekt übersetzen? Danke!1 Replies
BlutgerinselLast post 07 Aug 02, 01:10
Nach dem schweren Sturz bildete sich in seinem Kopf ein Blutgerinsel.3 Replies
BlutpfropfLast post 28 Jun 05, 19:37
http://www.wellness-gesund.info/Artikel/3309.html?a Werden die tieferen Venen durch ein Blut…7 Replies

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