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crutch, scutch

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clutch / couplingLast post 16 Feb 08, 20:45
Beides wird ja mit Kupplung im Deutschen wiedergegeben. Kennt jemand den Unterschied im Engl…3 Replies
clutch - GruppeLast post 10 Nov 08, 19:57
He arrived here four years ago with a clutch of ideas on how he wanted to make the size... …8 Replies
Clutch shoe - KupplungsbackeLast post 06 Mar 09, 06:54
Kupplungsbacken abgenutzt oder kaputt Clutch shoe is worn or broken http://www.rcmodelstor…1 Replies
cone clutch - die KegelkupplungLast post 09 Feb 06, 10:58
englisch: http://www.johnbruceuk.co.uk/pages folder/how.html deutsch: http://www.johnbruceuk…0 Replies
clutchLast post 05 May 07, 23:34
The surprise announcement comes amid a major restructuring that involves the sale of US Food…3 Replies
clutchLast post 15 Mar 07, 21:04
habe hier mit verschiedenen kupplungs- und bremsenarten zu kämpfen: overdrive direct clutch …2 Replies
clutchLast post 15 Jun 08, 19:01
"What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow Out of this stony rubbish?" T.S. Eliot …1 Replies
clutchLast post 05 Nov 09, 07:58
"Hey dude, Richard here. What clutch are you looking for?" Habe heute diese SMS bekommen un…1 Replies
dog clutch - die KlauenkupplungLast post 19 Oct 05, 14:07
http://www.iee.et.tu-dresden.de/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/wernerr/search.sh?string=dog&nocase=on&hits=1 Replies
Clutch - Handtasche ohne BuegelLast post 15 Nov 07, 02:45
Handbag without handle I make right now an internship in an fashion office and i looked for …2 Replies