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clatter, cluster, cutter, flutter Cluster, Cutter, Flutter

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clutterLast post 04 Apr 09, 13:11
The train cluttered into the station. (aus einem Kinderbuch) keine der Leo-Moeglichkeiten s…5 Replies
clutter-free - aufgeräumtLast post 16 Jun 14, 10:24
Effectively dealing with everything that modern life throws at you in a way that doesn’t str…0 Replies
cable clutter - KabelsalatLast post 05 Aug 05, 18:14
The MyFi comes well equipped with a full complement of accessories for domestic and automoti…4 Replies
Commercial ClutterLast post 04 Dec 07, 11:02
extraneous non-program elements Fachbegriff gesucht5 Replies
advertising clutterLast post 20 Apr 09, 10:37
I mean, the marketplace is different from when you were at the top of your game. Advertising…2 Replies
wave clutterLast post 08 Apr 09, 17:10
The task of keeping a good lookout usually falls to radar, except when the crew is on alert.…3 Replies
clutter limitLast post 04 Dec 07, 11:28
The article is about the lifting restriction on product placement in the teevision. A “clutte3 Replies
to clutter - polternLast post 16 May 10, 08:16
Poltern (Sprechstörung) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Klassifikation nach ICD-10 F9…1 Replies
Dont clutter the workbenchLast post 15 Jul 11, 08:54
Arbeitplatz nicht zumüllen. ( is my translation correct )6 Replies
Die Züge ihres Bildes zerflossen vor seinen Augen zu einem verschwommenen Gewirr aus Farben. - The features of her appearence morphed in his view into a indefinite clutterLast post 27 Nov 11, 19:20
Mit ihrem Bild ist hier ihre Erscheinung gemeint. Ich habe "verschwommen" als "indefinite" ü…1 Replies