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Orthographically similar words

cake, choke, cock, code, come, cone, conk, cook, cope, core, cork, coze, hoke, joke, poke, toke, yoke Choke, Code, Cone, Core, Ecke

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Coca-Cola, cocaine

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coke-fired - koksbeheitztLast post 04 Sep 14, 18:58
"Beheitzt" mit "tz" habe ich zumindest noch nie als alternative Schreibweise gesehen. Sehe i…6 Replies
Coke Zero vs. Coke LightLast post 07 Aug 06, 19:12
Im Moment wird im Fernsehen und auf diversen Plakaten Werbung für die neue Coke Zero gemacht…48 Replies
chocolate cokeLast post 08 Aug 06, 12:13
What is chocolate coke? I know that there is cherry and vanilla flavoured coke, but chocolat…4 Replies
coke addict - der Koker | die KokerinLast post 09 Jul 12, 19:20
Wurde hier schonmal diskutiert. http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread…6 Replies
coke - Coca ColaLast post 04 Jun 06, 14:07
Can I have a coke? Sorry, no. We only have Pepsi! The translation for coke as a beverage is…4 Replies
Coke bottle shape - ColaflaschenformLast post 19 Apr 09, 21:18
http://www.cokecar.com/charger_intro.html http://www.gmeurope.info/designcenter2006/downloa…0 Replies
Pop vs. Soda vs. CokeLast post 12 Nov 06, 22:52
Ok, I am native American english speaker and I was just had a humorous discussion the other …23 Replies
Coke FarmLast post 27 Apr 08, 13:43
Autumn brings lots of great apples, squashes and root vegetables from our gardens and local …6 Replies
pet cokeLast post 13 Feb 09, 15:01
es handelt sich um Einsatzprodukte in einem Lichtbogenofen, u.a. quarz (=Sand, Kies) caol (…4 Replies
coke-headLast post 25 Jul 10, 17:14
does coke-head mean in german Koks Konsument? thank ya2 Replies