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Arbeitskollegen - colleagues?Last post 17 Feb 11, 13:21
In einem anderen Faden schrieb hm -- us: The English word colleagues is rather formal, most…37 Replies
the colleaguesLast post 11 Sep 19, 12:18
I'm editing a paper written in English by a non-native speaker, and have a question for all …7 Replies
Anrede "Dear Colleagues"Last post 24 Aug 07, 14:37
Zwei Fragen hierzu: 1) Angesprochen werden (im Rahmen einer klinischen Studie) Ärzte und de…6 Replies
colleagues - subordinatesLast post 07 Feb 08, 11:38
Ganzer Satz: In a team, the managers share responsibilities with their colleagues and with …4 Replies
unsere Kollegen - our colleaguesLast post 07 Sep 12, 15:00
unsere Kollegen werden am Sonntag Abend in London landen und sind am Montag zwischen 9-10 Uh…3 Replies
Liebe Kollegen... - Dear colleagues...Last post 07 Sep 10, 21:44
Liebe Kollegen, ich teile Euch mit, daß ich ab dem 01. Oktober in die Abteilung Rechnungsein…1 Replies
legacy Elcos colleaguesLast post 04 Apr 07, 13:53
I've worked with several legacy Elcos colleagues.3 Replies
mutually shared colleaguesLast post 17 Jun 09, 23:52
Over the years we have not only collaborated with the client, we have even mutually shared c…2 Replies
colleagues in endeavourLast post 29 Nov 08, 02:10
they are unlikely to have considered themselves colleagues in endeavour Es geht um Komponis…13 Replies
Hello fellow colleagues.Last post 29 Apr 13, 09:21
Mein Kollege aus Amerika schrieb dies in einer Email.2 Replies