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collective efficacy, collective socializationLast post 17 Jul 07, 11:37
Es sind feststehende Begriffe, desshalb bringen mir die Einzelübersetzungen von Leo nichts1 Replies
Collective NounsLast post 09 May 08, 11:18
Hallo, zwischen unserem Englischlehrer und unserem Kurs entstand gestern die Diskussion wa…6 Replies
collective actionLast post 01 Mar 07, 21:58
Through the power of collective action, the Global Compact seeks to promote responsible corp…4 Replies
collective approachesLast post 13 Oct 07, 16:33
Indivivdual freedom then is the primarvalue. Alternatively, the collective norm may be consi…2 Replies
collective forum Last post 11 Dec 06, 11:44
Definition des bankrupcy Begriffs. A collective forum for sorting out the rights of the vari…2 Replies
collective writingLast post 07 Dec 07, 00:48
Ich verstehe nicht, was darunter gemeint ist. Ein Schriftstück, an dem jeder mitschreiben kann?4 Replies
collective wisdomLast post 07 Dec 07, 07:50
We also draw on the collective wisdom of an international network of peer counselers, allies…1 Replies
collective programmingLast post 18 Apr 08, 18:38
collective programming Hallo! Ich soll den Begriff mit interkulturellem Hintergrund erkläre…1 Replies
garage collectiveLast post 26 Nov 09, 00:16
Would there, for instance, be cultural harmony in a massive jamming session between a garage…5 Replies
collective consumptionLast post 09 Dec 09, 08:15
Then there are three tables which address specific aspects of tourism such as employment in …9 Replies

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