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get, go, accompany, run, hit, happen, arise, stumble, drop, meet, occur, arrive

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How come? - Warum?Last post 17 Feb 08, 07:43
Q: I heard your dog disappeared. How come? A: Well, you know our house is close to the jung…5 Replies
to come a mucker - reinfallenLast post 10 Feb 12, 11:22
This expression either is exclusively British, or doesn't exist. I don't know which. I can…7 Replies
come what may - komme was willLast post 12 Feb 16, 01:53
ich meine, komme was will ist nicht wirklich falsch, aber irgendwie auch nicht besonders gän…6 Replies
to come alive - zu Leben erwachenLast post 09 Jun 21, 09:45
Ich kenne nur "zuM Leben" erwachen und sehe mich mit Google bestätigt. In der Kombination "z…6 Replies
jokes come trueLast post 20 Dec 12, 17:01
I remember a comic strip when I was a boy in which someone produced a packet of some soap po…75 Replies
to come to an agreement - paktierenLast post 16 Aug 06, 23:31
Kann man den negativen Beigeschmack von paktieren irgendwie deutlich machen? http://www.dwd…4 Replies
have come vs. are comeLast post 16 May 14, 12:00
Aus einem Bericht über einen Mordfall, der 1849 in England veröffentlicht wurde. Bei seiner …7 Replies
... to comeLast post 13 Mar 08, 20:27
At dinner in their romms they struggle to suppress their private fears for the wedding night…9 Replies
Come again?Last post 29 Oct 02, 16:16
I currently came across the expression 'Come again?' used for 'Pardon?'. Does anyone know, w…9 Replies
"how come" & "how come is it"Last post 18 Jan 08, 12:49
Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen "how come" und "how come is it"? / Is there any differen…9 Replies