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comfit, comity, commie, commix

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to commit - ausschöpfenLast post 14 Oct 05, 10:17
Ich kann da keinen Zusammenhang erkennen. Main Entry: com·mit Pronunciation: k&-'mit Functio0 Replies
credibly commitLast post 12 Apr 14, 09:55
It should have become clear that politicians did not voluntarily contribute to public goods …15 Replies
festlegen - commit Last post 28 Jan 10, 16:10
Kaiser Wilhelm II. versäumt es, an jenem Krisentag die Tätigkeiten von Kabinett und Militär …1 Replies
commitLast post 12 Jul 11, 21:07
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK5kcYzBsn4 bei 1:46 sagt er eben : " and i commit " und da w…1 Replies
to suicide - sich umbringenLast post 23 Oct 07, 15:31
He committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. "Suicide" is a noun which refers to an act; so…48 Replies
commit + Inf. oder Ger.?Last post 08 Mar 15, 23:24
Could the people credibly commit themselves to comply(ing) with the contract? 16 Replies
conspiracy to commit public nuisanceLast post 24 Apr 19, 12:58
"Verschwörung zur Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisses" - hört sich das auf Englisch genauso al…3 Replies
Commit - Wenn ich das wüssteLast post 21 Jun 19, 12:47
"We’re only showing the most recent 250 commits ""Commits on Mar 31, 2019""Commit comments "…3 Replies
vertraglich binden - to commitLast post 10 Apr 11, 15:51
Die großen Plattenhäuser wollen vielversprechende Talente werben, binden und bezahlen. The14 Replies
(Völkermord) begehen - commit (genocide)Last post 15 May 19, 02:14
Oliver Cromwell committed genocide when he reconquered Ireland and left only 500,000 Irish p…13 Replies