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committed, committer

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caucus, panel, commission


Die Pluralbildung mit „-’s“
In Ausnahmefällen kann der Plural im Englischen mit -’s gebildet werden, nämlich: – bei geschriebenen Zahlen und einzelnen Buchstaben – um unschöne und verwirrende Formen zu vermei…

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CommitteeLast post 16 Nov 08, 19:53
The minutes of a meeting have as their author the committee whose deliberations they record;…2 Replies
Controllers' CommitteeLast post 15 Mar 10, 10:50
Hallo. Ich verwalte Teile unserer Intranetseiten in der Firma und eine Abteilung startete m…3 Replies
plural committeeLast post 25 Nov 20, 22:17
"We inform you that the Plural Committee remains committed to the organization of the 24thSu…10 Replies
review committeeLast post 02 Mar 07, 21:42
The university review committee ranks each master's and doctoral scholarship application wit…1 Replies
Credentials CommitteeLast post 06 Apr 08, 21:47
The Credentials Committee shall consist of nine members, who shall be elected by the General…2 Replies
committee subsidiaryLast post 26 Apr 07, 10:26
The WTO negotiations take place in the Trade Negotiations Committee and its subsidiaries, wh…0 Replies
exploratory committeeLast post 18 Nov 06, 23:03
exploratory committees allow would-be candidates to raise campaign-money without having to p…2 Replies
policy committeeLast post 21 Jun 08, 16:23
Im Lobbying System der EU gibt es verschiedene Institutionen, die verschiedene Ausschüsse bi…0 Replies
Privileges CommitteeLast post 10 Jul 08, 13:36
"The Privileges Committee of the New South Wales Legislative Council made an inquiry ..." E…0 Replies
committee chairLast post 14 Jul 08, 19:36
He was asked by the committee chair Barry Sheerman, whether he was saying the blame for what…1 Replies

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