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commonly adv. rare - gemeinhinLast post 21 Feb 12, 17:43
Hier ist wohl bei der Übernahme der Vorschläge etwas schiefgangen, und es wurde nicht nur vu…1 Replies
usually commonlyLast post 14 Jun 10, 08:57
Guten Abend, offensichtlich gibt es zwischen commonly und usually einen kleinen aber feinen …1 Replies
"forenoon" - commonly used?Last post 08 Sep 05, 05:22
Hi there you native speakers :-) Could you please let me know if the term "forenoon" is use…8 Replies
vulgo - gemeinhinLast post 21 Feb 12, 15:29
vulgo \tcommonly; popularly The Phrontistery - A Dictionary of Obscure Words http://p5 Replies
such as commonly occurLast post 05 Sep 06, 13:57
Example: In an earthquake, one can expect greater damages in areas of soft and deep soil suc…4 Replies
commonly abbreviated as/toLast post 13 May 15, 17:21
Eher vertraut bei obiger Formulierung war mir 'as', aber eine Zeitschrift (BE) hat es zu 'to…1 Replies
Which dictionaries are commonly used by judges? Last post 12 Nov 17, 22:18
And, how judges use dictionaries. https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2017/06/19/judges-use-…1 Replies
Most commonly misused false friends?Last post 03 Apr 09, 05:29
What are some of the most commonly misused false friends that seem to slip up the most peopl…1 Replies
commonly brandedLast post 02 Nov 15, 21:31
All options are commonly branded and jointly marketed by all factories. Ein Zusammenschluss…3 Replies
commonly-hold Last post 21 Dec 07, 12:15
Others believe we only use 10% of our brains or that shaving legs causes hair to grow back t…1 Replies