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communicate encryptedLast post 13 Mar 08, 17:12
In order to guarantee the system’s safety, the reader station and the central access control c1 Replies
verbinden - communicateLast post 25 Apr 12, 14:24
Der Detektor ist über wärmeleitende Medien mit Kühlmitteln verbunden. http://dict.leo.org/e…5 Replies
"to communicate meaning"Last post 21 Feb 09, 15:21
Gibt es das??? The director uses cinematic devices to communicate meaning ???1 Replies
communicate againstLast post 12 Jul 10, 10:36
"Global recruitment requires that departments communicate their academic strengths against a…2 Replies
communicate ideas - Ideen vermittelnLast post 15 Jun 09, 14:44
Our job is to help companies consistently communicate their ideas. Unsere Augabe ist es, Un…3 Replies
teilen in the sense of communicate, inform?Last post 18 Dec 13, 10:30
"Wir haben die Möglichkeit geschätzt, unsere Prinzipien beim Thema staatliche Überwachung dire4 Replies
Communicate more efffectivelyLast post 08 Jun 09, 17:12
Improve advertising campaigns, to communicate the company's message more effectly. How woul…2 Replies
to communicate throughLast post 27 Apr 08, 17:38
Communicating through conflict. Es geht um einen Artikel zu Kommunikations-Strategien im Fa…3 Replies
communicate important deadlinesLast post 01 Sep 10, 18:41
To help you coordinate your volunteer activities, we will communicate important deadlines, …1 Replies
to communicate downwardLast post 06 Dec 10, 18:27
...seeks clarification and communicates this clarity downwards Es geht um gute Arbeitsweise…3 Replies