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communicating, communisation, communization

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notice, note, information, advice, notification

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communicationLast post 10 Sep 08, 14:09
(context......to have a revelation. In Greek, the word means "to uncover something; ) it´s t5 Replies
open communicationLast post 05 Apr 05, 20:20
Need help! How would you translate the following terms to described employee's competencies…1 Replies
communication skills...Last post 26 Oct 06, 15:23
In order to translate a questionnaire: who knows the perfect translation for: Communication…4 Replies
communication toolsLast post 30 May 07, 18:49
this powerpoint presentation could meet your needs regarding communication tools. (Marketing)2 Replies
enterprise communicationLast post 26 Jul 07, 16:57
XY deveelopes and distributes enterprise communication modules for M2M applications1 Replies
instantaneous communicationLast post 08 Feb 08, 16:13
We know live at a time where we have instantaneous communication. Sofortkommunication? to…6 Replies
heterotopic communicationLast post 13 May 09, 16:50
Aus einem Wissenschaftlichen Text über die Auswirkungen von Neuen Medien (-technologien) auf…2 Replies
personal communication Last post 16 May 09, 20:26
In wissenschaftlichen Papers wird häufig folgende Zitierweise gebraucht: Vorname, Name, pers…3 Replies
relational communicationLast post 19 Mar 09, 17:32
Nonverbal messages are the primary vehicle for relational communication; verbal messages are…2 Replies
beyond communicationLast post 22 Apr 09, 20:29
The captain waits above the celebration Sending his thoughts to a beloved maid Whose ebony f…4 Replies

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