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imply, comprehend, contain, implicate

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comprise - beinhaltenLast post 11 Nov 10, 01:01
Beim schreiben einer Memo gerade eben hab ich intuitiv die Wendung "x(s) comprosing Y" verwe…11 Replies
compriseLast post 08 Jul 10, 22:49
comprise, consist of, contain, involve. Kann mir jemand den Unerscheid dieser Wörter erklären?7 Replies
comprise of / compriseLast post 24 Apr 19, 18:09
The area comprises of a mixed residential and commercial zone. Said property will be compr…11 Replies
comprise - darstellenLast post 12 Feb 10, 13:32
ROOT is being used widely by several experiments in high-energy physics, astrophysics, etc. …1 Replies
comprise und consistLast post 13 Aug 10, 20:14
Hallo zusammen comprise und consist was ist der Unterschied Danke Karl1 Replies
to comprise - umfassenLast post 01 Jul 10, 16:15
Wörterbuch: BERTELSMANN Taschenwörterbuch, Bertelsmann Lexikon Verlag, Gütersloh 1998 "The …1 Replies
compriseLast post 26 Apr 06, 14:57
The course was comprised of 20 lessons. - on a certificate of attendance Is it possible to p…3 Replies
comprise of Last post 09 Jul 10, 08:43
The Eurocard Marks comprise of the word element EUROCARD. Use, promotion and status of the …13 Replies
comprise - umfassen / gehören zuLast post 31 Oct 16, 19:07
Es geht um ein Cash Management Agreement.Gegeben:"In view of the fact that the Cash pooling …7 Replies
umfassen - comprise (see Exa.)Last post 02 Jun 05, 08:05
If x_0 is/constitutes a solution to the equation x^2=a, then the set {x, -x} comprises all o…2 Replies