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Orthographically similar words

cion, coin, cone, conk, conn, cony, coon, corn, icon Clon, Cone, Icon

Related search terms

flam, swindle, deception, fraud, scam, cheat, conn, imposture

Forum discussions containing the search term

Lib-Lab, Con-Lib, Lib-ConLast post 13 May 10, 14:19
Okay, If I've got this right: It's going to be a "Con-Lib" government. One topic: do these w3 Replies
vaya con diosLast post 28 Oct 09, 22:07
I have just discovered the Belgian band Vaya con Dios - about 15-20 years late... - and woul…3 Replies
helm vs. conLast post 05 Feb 11, 14:36
decided to try here first... from Master & Commander X held the helm, and Y the con anybod…6 Replies
He's a con man. - Er ist ein Hochstapler.Last post 01 Nov 12, 14:09
con man n Informal 1. a person who swindles another by means of a confidence trick 2. a plau…15 Replies
air con / airconLast post 05 Aug 19, 06:11
Is air con (or aircon) as a shortened form of air conditioning chiefly British? I'd never h…4 Replies
nem con - ohne GegenstimmeLast post 28 Apr 09, 15:31
"Lastly, the Civil Liberties Committee adopted, nem con with one abstention, a report by ...…0 Replies
air con - short for "air conditioning" [Abk.: A/C] [ugs.] - die Klimaanlage Pl.: die KlimaanlagenLast post 07 Aug 19, 23:26
Proposed change: air con - [chiefly Brit] short for "air conditioning" [Abk.: AC, a/c] [ug…2 Replies
jackass - das Langohr [ugs.]Last post 20 Jan 08, 19:12
Aus: WAHRIG Rechtschreibung * Lang|ohr n. 12, scherzh.: Hase, Esel Aus: BERTELSMANN Wö4 Replies
Betrügerin - con womanLast post 06 Oct 12, 21:24
Zur Zeit sind wieder zwei Betrügerinnen mit einer fiesen Masche unterwegs, indem sie älteren…24 Replies
to con - habenLast post 30 Dec 09, 09:56
What color does it con? It cons blue It should con blue They con yellow Ist es richtig, daß …5 Replies