Possible base forms for "concerning"

    concern (Verb) 

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respecting, pertaining, relating, as, re, anent, regarding

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ConcerningLast post 21 Jan 09, 19:54
Concerning politics women were totally excluded. Ich steh grad aufm Schlauch! Kann ich mit …1 Replies
Concerning....Last post 31 May 10, 17:06
Concerning your question if I could come to you next summer...Geht das so? Danke, Karl2 Replies
concerningLast post 05 Nov 13, 02:27
Recently I keep hearing "concerning" in the sense of "worrying", e.g. "That is very concerni…11 Replies
concerning Last post 13 Aug 09, 12:24
Guten Morgen, gibt es einen signifikanten Unterschied zwischen concerning und regarding? Zu…2 Replies
concerning itsLast post 15 Jul 10, 09:44
This purportedly independent review comes on the heels of two others — one by the University…4 Replies
pit concerning clothesLast post 02 Apr 06, 17:15
http://cgi.ebay.de/NEW-Ladies-ARGENTINA-Football-T-shirt-BLUE-sz-S-10_W0QQitemZ9304508179QQc…1 Replies
concerning vs. regardingLast post 18 Mar 08, 11:39
Hallo, Wann verwende ich eigentlich concerning und wann regarding (im Zusammenhang mit: Etwa…13 Replies
Abbreviation for concerningLast post 09 Aug 13, 13:30
I am looking for the proper abbreviation for concerning as in the German "zu" zu Punkt 1 S…5 Replies
rund um - concerning Last post 04 Feb 09, 14:47
Werbeartikel rund um das Auto. Ist das korrekt? - promotional items concerning cars Dankes…1 Replies
concerning or regarding?Last post 21 Sep 11, 10:04
Mir ist nicht ganz klar, ob es sich bei den beiden Begriffen "concerning" und "regarding" um…4 Replies

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