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close, deduce, shut, infer, finish

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conclude insurance idiomatic?Last post 08 Jul 10, 17:10
Ich wollte mich hier vergewissern, dass es in Ordnung geht, wenn ich bei meinen Schülern das…3 Replies
conclude - erschließenLast post 05 Jul 15, 23:05
"Alles Außenweltliche ist erschlossen." (Husserl, E. "Die Krisis der europäischen Wissenscha…5 Replies
Formulierung "conclude to" zulässig?Last post 07 Dec 07, 18:57
“The Court concluded to a violation of Article 8 ECHR.” (im Sinne von: Das Gericht schlo3 Replies
Are we to conclude...Last post 21 Apr 07, 15:00
Bitte ganzen Satz betrachten... Are we to conclude from tis that th Central Bank should als…3 Replies
folgern aus - conclude from?Last post 01 Mar 17, 21:45
Aus dem obigen würden wir folgern, dass...From the above we would conclude that...Correct? …1 Replies
to conclude an addendumLast post 07 Feb 12, 17:20
Ein russischer Wirtschaftsprüfer schreibt in Englisch: The company entered into an agreemen…1 Replies
to conclude on sthLast post 27 May 11, 11:23
Following a recent board of directors meeting, Company management concluded on the following…1 Replies
conclude as matter of factLast post 29 May 08, 09:27
therefore, the court concludes as a matter of law. Daher beschließt das Gericht als Rechtss…2 Replies
one might therefore be tempted to conclude....Last post 04 May 10, 12:38
One might therefore be tempted to conclude that our emphasis on pseudoreplication will be vi…3 Replies
Ich bin vorläufig zu Ende - I will conclude for the presentLast post 29 Jan 15, 19:03
Remark by Herzl near conclusion of Zionist Congress (the first, 1897). I assume that he inte…3 Replies

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