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confinement modulator, field of confinement/confinement fieldLast post 29 Jul 07, 18:49
Diese beiden Ausdrücke kommen im Zusammenhang mit einer FIKTIVEN Erfindung zur Stromgewinnun…1 Replies
forceable confinement, forcible confinement - Freiheitsberaubung, FreiheitsentzugLast post 30 Sep 14, 09:29 => forcible confi…2 Replies
compressive confinementLast post 14 Aug 18, 09:51
wissenschaftlicher artikel Therefore, the behavior of reinforced concrete structures has to …6 Replies
steric confinementLast post 29 Apr 10, 10:46
Here we demonstrate a new mechanism for induction and amplification of lipid membrane curvat…5 Replies
bed confinementLast post 20 Feb 17, 12:40
Relationships between ...., bed confinement and ....investigated.6 Replies
confinement (Raumfahrt)Last post 30 Oct 12, 18:30
"... other aspects such as the effect of long-term isolation and confinement can be more app…5 Replies
confinement - die NiederkunftLast post 15 Oct 03, 22:27
Pons Kompaktwörterbuch 19910 Replies
confinement - das WochenbettLast post 15 Oct 03, 22:27
Pons Kompaktwörterbuch 19910 Replies
total solitary confinementLast post 21 May 09, 15:12
In einem Bericht, der zuvor schon von "solitary confinement" handelte. Ist es eine verschärf…2 Replies
degree of confinementLast post 22 Jul 09, 09:55
Additionally, it is well known that the degree of confinement of explosive materials signifi…1 Replies

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