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F-connector - FederleisteLast post 21 Apr 12, 10:31
www.itwissen.info/definition/lexikon/F-Stecker-F-connector.html Zitat: Der F-Stecker ist e…1 Replies
bayonet nut connector [abbr.: BNC] [tech.] - BNC-SteckerLast post 20 Jan 06, 14:27
The name BNC stands for Bayonet-Neill-Concelman. Bayonet describes the interface coupling me…4 Replies
the right connectorLast post 17 Mar 12, 16:58
Purity of x was checked by... and found to be 97%. The initial rate of decomposition is deno…6 Replies
connector 'similarly to' Last post 23 Nov 12, 17:50
Similar(ly?) to white line haemorrhages, the genotypes also(?) varied in the temporal 2 Replies
compression connector - KoaxialsteckerLast post 15 Oct 13, 17:34
http://www.compressionconnector.com/ http://www.belden.com/resourcecenter/tools/Compression-…0 Replies
Wire Connector - LüsterklemmeLast post 06 Dec 13, 19:51
gesehen und gekauft in den Baumärkten der USA. Sehen zwar anders aus, aber erfüllen genau de…19 Replies
barrel connector - HohlsteckerLast post 08 Jun 20, 07:06
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_plug5 Replies
flat pin bushing - FlachsteckhülseLast post 23 Nov 06, 10:24
http://images.google.de/images?svnum=10&hl=de&lr=&q=female+push+on+connector&btnG=Su0 Replies
fast connector - Feststecker??Last post 09 Apr 06, 12:00
Proximity switch of type XS1 M12KP340D (incl. fast connector XZ-CP1241L10) Telemecanique Wei…3 Replies
switch connector - schalterbrückeLast post 04 Apr 08, 08:56
Power Window Switch Connector Schalterbrücke in Schaltern für elektrische Fensterheber ist …2 Replies