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consider (-) / consider as ?Last post 24 Aug 05, 11:36
Heisst es: "He considers the claim as reasonable" oder "He considers the claim reasonable"?…5 Replies
considerLast post 30 Aug 09, 19:12
In conlcusion, I consider there is a reasonable case for more widespread use of unequal rand…3 Replies
considerLast post 27 Nov 08, 01:19
"Ich halte es für unpassend" Wie geht's nach "to consider" weiter? I consider it... ...…7 Replies
considerLast post 01 Jan 14, 19:24
This paper considers "euergetism" a device for a politician to credibly commit himself to ac…6 Replies
consider - consider it to be - consider it beingLast post 02 Mar 07, 02:36
I consider it unusual I consider it to be unusual I consider it being unusual Lesen kann man10 Replies
Pray, consider! - Bitte bedenken Sie!Last post 02 Jul 05, 10:28
Zwei Dinge: Erstens: Ich hab jetzt Sherlock Holmes im Englischen Original gelesen. Da tauch…15 Replies
consider -ing vs. consider toLast post 01 Feb 08, 10:41
I'm stuck at the moment. Want to write "wir sind gern bereit, die Aufnahme von Verhandlungen…8 Replies
'consider as' or just 'consider'Last post 20 Oct 04, 22:44
I'd like to know if I have to use the preposition 'as' between the verb 'consider' and an ad…2 Replies
consider aboutLast post 27 Oct 11, 14:55
Beispielsatz: If you cannot help me with my problems, I will have to consider about sending …6 Replies
consider (as)Last post 07 Mar 13, 13:44
I consider this book old-fashioned.. I consider this book as old-fashioned Are both sente…1 Replies