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construct / constructedLast post 17 Oct 08, 15:37
Each suit is fully canvassed, cut, constructed and sewn by hand. geht um die fertigung von …2 Replies
maximum constructLast post 15 Jun 12, 12:17
"... we can perhaps put together a kind of maximum construct, in the form of a few major pro…4 Replies
constructLast post 19 Jun 09, 16:02
No construct ist guaranteed a place in the resultant theory oder ... identified several po…2 Replies
perceived construct - wahrgenommenes KonstruktLast post 18 Nov 10, 09:55
Despite various challenges for measuring overqualification objectively, it can be well measu…1 Replies
chronically accessible constructLast post 07 Dec 07, 18:14
chronically accessible construct or automatic processes for perceiving and interpreting the …1 Replies
intrinsic (language construct)Last post 26 Aug 06, 15:42
If you think about a language such as C# then it's mainly about giving a representation of y…5 Replies
light construct gloveLast post 18 Apr 17, 12:53
Star Sapphire levitated a battered old boot with a light construct glove from her power ring…4 Replies
...the positives and construct ...Last post 16 Mar 07, 11:26
Search for the positives and construct your letter around them. Suchen Sie nach etwas bestim…4 Replies
Email Adresse einrichten - to construct an email accountLast post 08 Aug 09, 02:16
...3 Replies
to construct a study uponLast post 15 Mar 11, 09:22
The study will provide a base case evaluation and the technical design upon which a final fe…2 Replies