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Contraction possible?Last post 04 Jul 07, 12:26
Can you say: We apologise that we couldn't pay any earlier. ??? Or do we have to say: We a…5 Replies
Contraction possible?Last post 04 Aug 06, 23:11
I was wondering whether you could leave out the preposition 'in' I'll be there in the week…16 Replies
credit contractionLast post 10 Mar 10, 15:37
Kann mir jemand eine dt Übersetzung dafür geben? Hier mal der Kontext: Of the greatest impo…2 Replies
fiscal contractionLast post 03 Apr 07, 12:32
European fiscal contraction is materializing. Es geht um die Performance von europäischen St…3 Replies
contraction in EnglishLast post 24 May 11, 17:19
In relation to this thread…26 Replies
muscle contraction - MuskelkontraktionLast post 29 Apr 13, 20:05
The robot snake is designed to mirror the way their natural counterparts move through latera…1 Replies
Contraction of will to 'llLast post 26 Dec 07, 20:37
Hi, I just read in Leo that there is a difference between will and the contraction 'll[/i4 Replies
Contraction - Die WeheLast post 15 Oct 07, 21:27
1 The natural birth 1.1 First stage: contractions 1.2 Second stage: delivery 1.3 Third st…2 Replies
Contraction of 'to have' and 'to be'Last post 03 Jul 18, 13:08
I recently noticed in social media a tendency for NNS of English to contract forms of 'to ha…5 Replies
contraction symptoms on clicking a pageLast post 17 Oct 06, 15:18
Dear LEOs - this is a very unusual phenomenon - using Firefox Modzilla 1.0.7 and consideri…6 Replies

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