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ConversationLast post 17 Apr 09, 23:02
Me and my friend are going to meet Miley cyrus!! XOO But we don´t know ANYTHING about good con.10 Replies
Following our conversation...Last post 21 Jan 16, 17:29
Ich probiere jetzt die folgende Satz zu übersetzen und wurde das in eine Email schreiben:Fol…0 Replies
ConversationLast post 01 Jun 10, 10:58
Hallo, wäre echt liebt wenn jemand ies anschauen könnte. Danke, Gruss Karl It’s a nice idea…36 Replies
English Conversation CircleLast post 31 Jan 07, 21:34
Good afternoon everybody, I have a question for all of you - I am a native speaker of German…15 Replies
Rules of conversationLast post 28 Jan 10, 09:47
Are the rules for conversation in German different to those in English? Are the rules for …137 Replies
art of conversationLast post 13 Jan 11, 07:25
I found this in the archives: http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=82877…3 Replies
conversation vs. voiced SLast post 17 Jan 10, 23:42
I was listening to a podcast of the Mayo & Kermode Show the other night and noticed that May…3 Replies
to monopolize a conversationLast post 02 Sep 13, 14:31
Are all of the following OK for "He monopolized the conversation"? 1. Er hat das ganze Gesp…8 Replies
conversationLast post 15 Feb 08, 13:57
I will begin a conversation towards the formation of such a project. Hallo! Ich bin dabei e…2 Replies
conversationLast post 01 Nov 10, 20:18
I'm not used to having a conversation with my wank material. Is there an equally polite way…9 Replies