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cordialLast post 24 May 08, 12:48
I am about to collect new expressions for Business English. To the native speakers: I am re…1 Replies
cordial - der VerdünnungssaftLast post 13 Jun 12, 11:31
http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cordial12 Replies
cordial (aus)Last post 04 Mar 09, 22:04
Ich habe in einem Text aus Australien das Wort 'cordial' gelesen. Muss irgendein Lebensmitte…26 Replies
cordial acquisitionLast post 16 Feb 18, 17:21
According to Pasternak, Albert Camus became a "cordial acqusisition". Camus schrieb zur Ver…12 Replies
blackcurrant cordialLast post 08 Nov 15, 21:36
Aus einem Rezept. Ist das Sirup oder Likör? Die Googletreffer lassen beide Deutungen zu.11 Replies
cordial exchangeLast post 23 Jul 12, 09:38
After a very cordial exchange (...), I headed back toward the car, half trotting, glancing b…1 Replies
cordial bottleLast post 06 May 12, 14:03
"cordial and juice bottles" (from a list, i.e. no further context available, refers to the u…23 Replies
Herzliche Inschrift - Cordial inscriptionLast post 25 Jun 12, 12:33
"Vielen Dank für die herzlichen Inschriften in mein Buch." --> "I wanted to thank you all fo…1 Replies
most cordial - not too formalLast post 03 Mar 09, 11:24
deutsch: Herzlichst, Ihre Anna Meier english: most cordial, Anna Meier the most cor…6 Replies
rough but cordial - rau aber herzlichLast post 24 Apr 07, 19:48
As arriving guests, a rough but cordial welcome was extended us by the keeper of the hostelr…6 Replies

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