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    correspond (Verb)

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Corresponding - MeetingLast post 20 Feb 08, 15:40
... is corresponding to your requirements ...is meeting your requirements What is the diff…3 Replies
Entsprechend - CorrespondingLast post 30 Aug 10, 11:15
Für die Anpassung der XXX an neue Versionen der zugrunde liegenden Infrastruktur/Anwendungen…3 Replies
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Corresponding editor of the section Italy. Es handelt sich um eine internationale Zahnärzte…7 Replies
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corresponding costs1 Replies
corresponding authorLast post 01 Feb 10, 23:20
corresponding author: xxx Darunter steht dann Name und Anschrift des Verfassers der Studie.…3 Replies
soonest correspondingLast post 23 May 08, 10:12
Space-occupying density reduction,..., soonest corresponding with a glioma. CT-Analyse des K6 Replies
corresponding votingLast post 13 Jul 15, 08:35
Compare reading for all sensors in corresponding voting if applicable Es geht hier um die …6 Replies
entsprechende Anfragen - corresponding requestsLast post 27 Mar 08, 06:58
Darauf basierend stößt der Initiator die entsprechenden Maßnahmen an bzw. reagiert auf entsp…1 Replies
as corresponding - als entsprechendLast post 31 Mar 08, 11:16
Consideration shares shall mean 80,000 shares less, in the event one or more existing Preemp…4 Replies
frau (pronoun corresponding to the pronoun "man")Last post 24 Jul 13, 21:47
I just came across an entry for "frau" in the Pons German-English dictionary. "frau" is desc…49 Replies