Possible base forms for "covering"

    cover (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

coveting, cowering, overwing

Forum discussions containing the search term

Soldatensprech: covering right/covering left!Last post 05 Feb 12, 22:21
In einer Kampfsituation rufen Soldaten einander anordnungen zu: Die zu schützenden Personen …4 Replies
Covering LEtterLast post 06 Nov 09, 17:15
What do you think? Internship position as XXXXX Dear Ms X, I am writing to apply for the g…3 Replies
Covering letterLast post 17 Dec 09, 15:01
I need some proof reading please. Dear Sir or Madam, \tI am writing to apply for an interns…1 Replies
cover / coveringLast post 18 Aug 21, 16:57
Is this partner also covering the German market?\t Im Sinne: Machen Sie/ verfolgen Sie auch…3 Replies
Covering letterLast post 20 May 08, 00:25
my desire to combine my organisational skills and coordination abilities, gained by my long …1 Replies
head coveringLast post 19 Apr 07, 11:23
If Paul wanted the Corinthian women prophets to wear head coverings in worship, he may have …1 Replies
unate coveringLast post 01 Mar 12, 15:48
Quelle: Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits. (McGraw Hill) oder hier: http://book…1 Replies
covering letterLast post 31 Dec 11, 14:30
Ich bewerbe mich momentan für einen Freiwilligendienst im Ausland. Ich habe gerade mein Moti…4 Replies
covering - SchutzherrLast post 24 Feb 13, 13:46
Pyongyang's threatening statement "should have been the expected outcome" from the U.N. deci…17 Replies
Covering Letter - Bewerbungsschreiben - Covering Letter - BewerbungsschreibenLast post 13 Jan 12, 13:14
Hallo! Gibt es jemanden der mir evtl. sagen könnte, ob mein Bewerbungsschreiben für ein Inst…7 Replies

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