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brow, chow, cow, cowl, craw, crew, croc, crop, crowd, Crown, crown, grow, prow, row, scow, trow Crew

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Corvus, brag

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Carrion crow - RabenkräheLast post 14 Nov 16, 16:16
Im Deutschen und zoologisch spaltet sich die Art Aaskrähe (Corvus corone) in die Unterarten …14 Replies
crow stepLast post 12 Jun 08, 16:44
a crowstepped roof Irgendwelche Architekturexperten in der Nähe? Ich bräuchte den Fachtermi…2 Replies
crow pressureLast post 25 Mar 11, 09:43
Hallo Zusammen Es geht um Coping-Stile bei Schiedsrichter. Mir macht folgender Satz etwas z…6 Replies
to eat crowLast post 05 Feb 07, 23:02
"Either way, we've got a pretty big helping of crow to choke down." Sagte der Mann zu sein…2 Replies
Stone The CrowLast post 11 May 10, 07:44
"Stone The Crow" Songtitel Übersetzung Songtitel der amerikanischen Band Down Möchte wissen…1 Replies
Shoot the crowLast post 31 Dec 09, 14:56
"Shoot The Crow" ist der Titel eines irischen Theaterstücks, das in Deutschland unter dem Na…3 Replies
to crow/crow over = to be crowing about???Last post 10 Jul 06, 13:53
I don't like the way Rolf crows over his opponents when he wins. It is very unsporting of hi…1 Replies
amerik. Aussprache "scarecrow / crow"Last post 12 Oct 12, 07:43
Is the vowel in crow pronounced like "aw" or does it rhyme with "now"? 20 Replies
a side of crowLast post 08 Jun 10, 11:30
Last paragraph of http://www.aolnews.com/opinion/article/opinion-spacex-launch-shows-promise…2 Replies
to eat crow - zu Kreuze kriechenLast post 15 Dec 10, 16:54
http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/eat_crow?rdfrom=Eat_crow Verb to eat crow 1. (chiefly US, idiom5 Replies

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