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curtain rail - GardinenleisteLast post 10 Sep 11, 01:11
"curtain rail" ist eine Stange, an der Vorhänge befestigt werden, während Gardinenleiste ein…3 Replies
curtain weir - das RolladenwehrLast post 28 Oct 16, 21:52
Nach Reform mit lll. Betrifft hier noch einen anderen Eintrag.1 Replies
curtain lecturesLast post 06 Jul 16, 09:05
Is anyone familiar with this in AE or BE? I thought it was Denglisch, but apparently it does…5 Replies
curtain coated paper - gegossenes PapierLast post 20 Jan 16, 22:53
The paper is coated with a curtain. However, the current translation implies that the paper …8 Replies
Iron Curtain border regionLast post 20 Mar 13, 19:26
During the Cold War, the area immediately surrounding the east/west border that patrolled by…1 Replies
fire curtain - FeuerschutzvorhangLast post 16 Aug 06, 14:50
http://www.wlw.de/sse/MainServlet?anzeige=kurzliste&land=DE&sprache=de&suchbegriff=feuer0 Replies
curtain falls - der vorhang fälltLast post 23 Aug 07, 10:57
Wenn der Vorhang fällt. As the curtain falls. http://stlyrics.com/lyrics/beyondthesea/thec…1 Replies
draft curtain - BrandschutzvorhangLast post 16 Aug 06, 13:50
Airplane hangar fire protection Fireproof or incombustible curtain to enclose a given endan…1 Replies
curtain call - VorhangLast post 16 Feb 07, 07:45
Main Entry: curtain call Function: noun : an appearance by a performer (as after the final c…4 Replies
curtain track - GardinenleisteLast post 26 Feb 09, 16:52
Fittings, fixtures and furniture:Blinds, blind boxes, curtain tracks and pelmets...The Aqua …2 Replies