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Orthographically similar words

declared, declarer

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proclaim, announce, promulgate

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declare + gerund or infinitive?Last post 11 Apr 16, 14:12
Liebes Forum, ich bin gerade zu blöd zum Suchen, das hat doch bestimmt schon einmal jemand g…26 Replies
I declare - Ich versprecheLast post 02 Sep 09, 01:27
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the f…9 Replies
declare onLast post 10 Nov 09, 12:05
Export shipment declared on Customs manifest. Es geht um elektr. Datenverarbeitung im Zoll-…1 Replies
declare on highLast post 10 Jun 07, 09:19
..., each face a coin, as if it had been declared on high that we ought to suffer our losses…1 Replies
I do declare!Last post 04 Sep 08, 10:13
- When I was young I once smoked pot. - wor! I do declare! (Das Beispiel ist konstruiert, ab…11 Replies
Goods to declareLast post 15 Jun 08, 20:29
Hi leute ich brauch nochmal eure Hilfe;-) für goods und declare gibts einfach zu viele Bedeu…7 Replies
declare a mistrialLast post 06 Jul 15, 17:17
“The judge declared a mistrial,” Brad says. “There was too much publicity about Anderson and y3 Replies
Nothing to DeclareLast post 29 Jun 17, 10:39
Beim Verlassen der Gepäckausgabe, am Zoll gehe ich durch NOTHING TO DECLARE Ausgang(d.h. Kei…11 Replies
need not declareLast post 15 Dec 09, 19:50
To claim that such analyses appear shortsighted need not declare Browning's work of negative…5 Replies
unmissverständlich festhalten\t - unmistakably / unequivocally declare ..... proclaimLast post 29 Sep 13, 13:09
Beitrag 8,9 https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=1223787&idForum=3&lp=ende6 Replies