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deaf, deft, defy, delf

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rip-roaring, definitely

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hi-defLast post 19 May 07, 19:53
Many people have heard of Dolby Surround sound or DTS - they have been around for over a dec…1 Replies
Titanic - why no def. article?Last post 16 Jul 17, 18:10
Just seen a documentary on "Titanic". Whenever the name "Titanic" is used, it is without the…2 Replies
DEF POETRY - Erikah Badu - Plz help me get the lyrics!Last post 14 Mar 09, 20:56
Hi there! I'm about to write a term paper about Slam Poetry, and I want to quote Erikah Bad…1 Replies
high-def DVDLast post 26 Dec 08, 19:54
In the era of the high-def DVD and the ubiquitous game console, the board games unwrapped ar…2 Replies
"def leppard" and "aerosmith"Last post 03 Apr 06, 21:58
The name of these rock-bands, what does they mean?4 Replies
Kraft def BefindlichkeitLast post 26 Dec 09, 19:49
Kraft der Befindlichkeit sollte der Mensch eine Wohnung haben. Sueddeutsche Zeitung 24.12.0…6 Replies
widescreen plasma high def TVLast post 08 Jan 07, 11:57
On the wall there was a 52 inch widescreen plasma high definition TV to my father's great de…2 Replies
Qty Suppl. Qty Ret. Qty Def.Last post 23 May 17, 16:48
Kontext ist ein Reklamationsformular, bei jedem Eintrag wird als Zahl 1 genannt. "suppl." …3 Replies
major depressive disorder [Abk.: MDD] - die Depression {seelische Krankheit def. nach ICD-10 F.32.x/F33.x}Last post 29 Mar 14, 03:16
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/major%20depressive%20disorder : a mood disorder …3 Replies
Firma ABC, in Kooperation mit der Firma DEF, bietet dazu eine erstklassige und bewährte Weiterbildung für:- - In this connection ABC, in cooperation with DEF, offers first class and proven training for:-Last post 03 Nov 14, 16:48
Firma ABC, in Kooperation mit der Firma DEF, bietet dazu eine erstklassige und bewährte Weit…3 Replies