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definit, Defizit

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budgetary deficit - die MehrausgabeLast post 25 Sep 12, 13:24
Definition of 'Budget Deficit' A financial situation that occurs when an entity has more mo…2 Replies
deficit spending - öffentliche Ausgaben zur Belebung des HandelsLast post 11 Jan 10, 22:07
Die anderen Übersetzungen für deficit spending sind logisch und richtig. Diese scheint aber …2 Replies
deficitLast post 13 Sep 11, 08:52
Prices in 2014 are forecast to reach $10/lb for pentoxide, and $45/kg for ferrovanadium, as …2 Replies
To close a deficit?Last post 18 Jun 09, 23:13
Heisst es wirklich "to close a deficit"? Klingt fuer mich irgendwie komisch... heisst es auf…8 Replies
Bildungslücke - educational deficitLast post 29 Mar 14, 16:52
Er verfügt ganz offensichtlich über einige Bildungslücken. His educational deficits are clea…6 Replies
public deficit - StaatsdefizitLast post 29 May 10, 16:01
The Spanish government hopes to reduce the public deficit to the eurozone limit of three per…2 Replies
excess deficitLast post 10 May 05, 14:31
The Net Losses allocated pursuant to this Section shall not exceed the maximum amount of Net…0 Replies
headline deficitLast post 16 Oct 08, 15:49
The euro-area headline deficit reached 0.6% of GDP... headline defict?0 Replies
deficit biasLast post 08 Oct 08, 14:24
It is natural to ask how effective the rule is in reducing the policymaker´s deficit bias2 Replies
accounts deficitLast post 04 Dec 07, 19:20
...the US global trade and accounts deficit approaches $1 trillion ... das globale Handels-…1 Replies