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step, tier, measure, grade, echelon, magnitude, level, rank

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degree/ ba degreeLast post 13 May 05, 14:11
im doing a german degree. which is the best way of saying this? diplom, or universitätsabsch…2 Replies
Professional degree - Master's degree - Associate degreeLast post 23 Feb 11, 19:14
Rangfolge von Bildungsabschlüssen: Doctoral degree - Professional degree - Master's 5 Replies
DegreeLast post 24 Apr 07, 12:34
Ein Italiener hat in seinem Lebenslauf Folgendes geschrieben: Degree in Computer Engineering…4 Replies
degreeLast post 28 Jul 09, 14:52
the city has a growing middle class with a degree of disposable income Kann mir jemend helf…3 Replies
degree - UniversitätsabschlussLast post 23 Feb 06, 16:06
Klett: Learning English Compact Course 4 a qualification from a university0 Replies
Degree certificateLast post 27 Mar 19, 22:52
I would like to know if the following sentence sounds ok for English native speakers:"X, bor…11 Replies
undergraduate degreeLast post 29 Mar 05, 17:54
date of undergraduate degree Kann man das im Deutschen mit Vordiplom wiedergeben?2 Replies
degree placeLast post 16 Apr 05, 15:14
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4443911.stm Lack of language skills is going to imp…1 Replies
Diplom = degree???Last post 28 Apr 05, 14:50
I need the most suitable translation for the German "Diplom"! I tend to use the wort "degree…7 Replies
finished degreeLast post 23 Nov 06, 14:27
I've just finished my degree I'm confused - which verb for finished? "fertiggemacht/fertigge…8 Replies

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