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echelon, tier, step, grade, measure, rank, magnitude, level

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doctor's degree - promovieren / Doktorgrad / DoktortitelLast post 18 Dec 08, 09:58
LEO: to do a doctor's degree - promovieren to receive a doctor's degree - promovieren …2 Replies
first-degree murder - schwerer MordLast post 12 Dec 12, 09:04
Romain, Wörterbuch der Rechts- und Wirtschaftssprache: murder in the first degree = Mord. Ei…9 Replies
HNC/HND degree?Last post 10 Jun 09, 06:29
Hi everybody, I am in Australia right now but I am going to move back to England in couple o…3 Replies
third-degree burns - Verbrennungen dritten GradesLast post 12 Dec 11, 10:18
burn1 n 1. (Medicine / Pathology) an injury caused by exposure to heat, electrical, chemical…1 Replies
first-degree murder;gibt es auch ein second-degree?Last post 12 Nov 09, 01:36
Was bedeutet das genau bzw. gibt es da auch ein Mord 2.Grades?14 Replies
professional bachelor's degree [BILDUNGSW.] - der ProfessionsbachelorLast post 17 Jun 20, 08:57
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/ProfessionsbachelorDer findes to forskellige slags bac…2 Replies
Degree certificateLast post 27 Mar 19, 22:52
I would like to know if the following sentence sounds ok for English native speakers:"X, bor…11 Replies
degree - UniversitätsabschlussLast post 23 Feb 06, 16:06
Klett: Learning English Compact Course 4 a qualification from a university0 Replies
examination for the degree of master - Meisterprüfung Last post 16 Dec 08, 19:47
and these: examination for the grade of master die Meisterprüfung examination for mas…1 Replies
Honours degree (BE)Last post 26 Jun 08, 09:03
Good afternoon everybody, could someone tell me what exactly is meant with an honours degre…19 Replies