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    deliver (Verb) 

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Substantivauftreten im Singular und Plural
Beim Vergleich von Sprachpaaren stellt man öfter fest, dass sich derGebrauch der Substantive in den beiden Sprachen nicht immer eins zueins deckt. Gelegentlich wird ein und derselb…

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Particulars DeliveredLast post 11 Jun 07, 14:31
Instead of the previous Particulars Delivered form, a single page asking for the names and a…1 Replies
As delivered,...Last post 15 Jan 07, 11:35
As delivered, this device complies with the requirements of the Guideline 1999/5/EG of the E…2 Replies
impressions deliveredLast post 04 Aug 15, 15:59
Printwerbung: Tracking report from media owner or third-party tracking company to show impres4 Replies
Streitfall: get delivered oder must be delivered?Last post 12 Feb 10, 15:57
Mein Chef meint "system get delivered February 17th" Ich sage "system must be / will be del…7 Replies
Liefergebinde - delivered containerLast post 09 Feb 14, 16:47
Dt: Nicht aus dem Liefergebinde verarbeiten! Füllen Sie die Masse in ein sauberes Gefäß um u…1 Replies
delivered in tranchesLast post 13 Aug 16, 11:30
In the event the Facility must be delivered in Tranches, the First Tranche will be made avai…3 Replies
shipped to/ deliveredLast post 19 Aug 10, 17:16
Our records show that the article was shipped to Mr X and delivered on [date]. The tracking…3 Replies
SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVEREDLast post 07 Apr 08, 23:30
"Signed sealed and delivered by the abovenamed XXX" Steht unten auf einer Urkunde - signed u…2 Replies
by providing/provide / deliveredLast post 29 Sep 16, 15:02
By providing a stream of Compressed Dry Air (CDA) around each emitter point, ions can be del…1 Replies
Delivered by 2 / 4Last post 10 Dec 10, 20:57
Hallo, ich übersetze einen Werkzeugkatalog und bin über diese Formulierung gestolpert. Deliv…4 Replies

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