Possible base forms for "detailed"

    detail (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

derailed, detailer, detained

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circumstantial, blow-by-blow, in-depth

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I was detailed as boss cook and bread baker... Quelle: The Natoma Independent 1913 detailed…2 Replies
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detailedLast post 01 Feb 07, 00:41
Ich habe mehrere Sätze mit "detailed": Drugs are heavily detailed to doctors. If the drugs e…2 Replies
detailedLast post 24 May 08, 23:02
I just had this car detailed. Leider gibt's nicht mehr Zusammenhang. Lackieren? Reparieren?…3 Replies
detailverliebte Anmut - detailed charmLast post 21 Mar 13, 07:51
Die Bilder sind in ihrer detailverliebten Anmut eigenständige Kunstwerke The Illustrations a…9 Replies
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The scene is presented detailed and with many close ups. Oder muss man sagen: "...in a deta…4 Replies
Lieferantenselbstauskunft - detailed supplier informationLast post 23 Aug 07, 13:47
Ist das so korrekt?1 Replies
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detailed study of the situation in England and Scotland what term would be used for this in …2 Replies