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Orthographically similar words

damper, dapper, dialer, diapir, dipper, draper Diapir

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nappy, napkin

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diaper bag - WickeltascheLast post 28 Aug 07, 14:10
DWDS http://www.dict.cc/deutsch-englisch/Wickeltasche.html http://www.babydirect.com/c-30-d…2 Replies
diaper sounds very formelLast post 28 Sep 07, 07:58
For me the American expression diaper sound very formel. Isn't there a more informal word fo…7 Replies
nappy / diaper rash - WindelsoorLast post 08 Sep 09, 18:08
Have you an ointment or soothing cream for my baby's nappy rash? Nappy Rash or Diaper Rash a…2 Replies
poopy diaperLast post 25 Feb 11, 16:42
"She has about 8 poopy diapers a day and about 10 wet ones" This is what I would say in Eng…9 Replies
pull up diaperLast post 26 Feb 18, 05:42
the next stage up from a regular diaper.https://www.amazon.com/Pull-Ups-Learning-Training-Un…2 Replies
under carriage diaperLast post 06 Apr 18, 07:32
Under carriage diaper must be used to prevent any oil, motor liquid leaks or spills on the s…7 Replies
"deep-red-diaper baby," Last post 11 Aug 09, 21:42
Accosted with such accusations, the actor, who calls himself a "deep-red-diaper baby," cites 10 Replies
She needs a diaper change. Last post 23 Dec 09, 10:10
We are visiting my daughters omi and opi and i need to know how to tell them a few simple th…3 Replies
To change a nappy (diaper)Last post 29 Jan 14, 11:28
(meaning, to give the baby a new nappy) What is the correct verb to use to "change" a nappy…16 Replies
diaperedLast post 01 Aug 07, 19:38
... and their chief Glorfindel bare a mantle so broidered in threads of gold that it was dia…9 Replies