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directLast post 30 Mar 08, 19:47
In some countries some of the investigation was direct... normalerweise wurden die Befragun…3 Replies
direct - direct or directlyLast post 03 Sep 10, 22:50
Mit den XXX-Gefahrgutdaten sitzen Sie direkt an der Quelle. With the XXX dangerous goods d…2 Replies
Direct-Mailing - Direct MailingLast post 18 Sep 07, 22:29
Addressdatei nach Direct-Mailing aktualisiert. It's a bullet point on a CV - unfortunately I…0 Replies
direct - direktLast post 05 Sep 08, 07:23
direct adv. JOURNEY / ROUTE 1 without stopping or changing direction: We flew direct to Hong…0 Replies
direct - directlyLast post 10 Nov 06, 20:27
Es heißt ja laut Wörterbuch: 'to go somewhere direct' und nicht directly. Weiß jemand, bei w…9 Replies
direct "speech"Last post 30 Mar 07, 19:57
As she watched him scrubbing at a Doulton gravy boat, she thought, how little it takes to ma…3 Replies
direct / directlyLast post 04 Dec 02, 12:50
I know that this subject has been touched before, but I found no thread that answered it com…9 Replies
direct experienceLast post 10 Jul 05, 07:33
Years of Direct Experience Bei einer Online-Bewerbung wird gefragt nach "Years of Work Exper…2 Replies
direct teachingLast post 24 Apr 07, 13:46
"Direct teaching was used to good effect." "There was very stimulating direct teaching in so…1 Replies
direct creditLast post 03 Jan 08, 12:34
Eine Mitgliedschaft in einer Organisation soll mit direct credit bezahlt werden. Was ist das?9 Replies

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