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dismount, miscount, viscount Viscount

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cash discount deduction - SkontoabzugLast post 13 Dec 10, 14:59
This may be for paying in cash, or for paying early etc.3 Replies
discount - discountLast post 04 Aug 09, 15:19
I have thought that you have deducted the cash discount already on the deposit-invoice. Sti…3 Replies
Prompt payment discount - SkontoLast post 26 Nov 07, 15:37
Only applicable when paid before the due by date1 Replies
discounter - diskontladenLast post 08 Apr 05, 01:03
"Discounter" is a German invention, like Beamer, Handy, Talkmaster, Showmaster, all of which…1 Replies
Mengenrabatt - quantity discount - volume discountLast post 16 Nov 08, 11:02
If you order more than 500 pieces we can grant you a quantity discount of 5 per cent. .. s…5 Replies
discount - deduction - allowanceLast post 07 Jul 10, 14:47
Hallo zusammen, ich stehe gerade vor einer für mich verzwickten Frage. Wir haben mit vers…4 Replies
Discount vs. rebateLast post 06 Oct 16, 10:21
Hallo Zusammen,gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen Discounts und Rebates? Ich arbeite in eine…1 Replies
sibling discount - GeschwisterrabattLast post 23 Aug 07, 23:31
Not only are fees in line with gross family income but built into the schedule are sibling d…5 Replies
discountLast post 09 Oct 09, 09:01
The present research proposes and tests an explanation for the prior finding that temproal d…1 Replies
Verwendung von "to discount"Last post 21 Jun 12, 14:44
Ich habe einen Text, wo jemand argumentiert, dass ein Grundstückskaufpreis (der als Vergleic…12 Replies