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discussionLast post 02 Jul 07, 15:41
discussion on or about or of.... Gibt es einen Unterschied? discussion about sth. klingt m…1 Replies
discussionLast post 08 Sep 08, 23:01
"discussion" als ein Punkt in einem wissenschaftlichen Paper. Steht als vorletzter Punkt vor…3 Replies
DiscussionLast post 22 Oct 13, 22:00
I need your help! Discuss the question: The human morality- Just a result of the good condit…1 Replies
discussion on or discussion ofLast post 06 Aug 03, 15:32
Was ist richtig(er): Let's have a discussion on how to implement the new system. Let's have …3 Replies
diversionist discussionLast post 25 May 15, 19:20
No need for diversionist discussion! Text handelt von einem russischen Kommunisten, der in …4 Replies
overrun discussionLast post 04 Mar 09, 15:37
what is actually happening in practice with client fee negotiations and overrun discussions2 Replies
discussion forumsLast post 10 Feb 09, 15:32
Access the latest software, instructions and manuals or visit discussion forums. Alles ist …2 Replies
Discussion notesLast post 24 Sep 08, 15:12
Class discussion notes can be easily distributed with sth. Meint das: Diskussionsthemen, Hi…2 Replies
sustained discussionLast post 22 Feb 08, 22:47
In any event, academics and policymakers need to engage in more sustained discussion about h…1 Replies
discussion - Diskussion Last post 12 Apr 13, 10:05
Hallo miteinander, ich habe hier einen akademischen Text, indem häufig Formulierungen mit "d…8 Replies

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